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The Building materials industry has become complex over time. The on-going introduction of new products and the increase in woman householder market has meant that the industry should become experts and increase knowledge in the following skills:
1. DIY
2. Product knowledge.
3. Project advisory.
4. General customer relationship.
5. Contractor customer relationship.

Our course is aimed to achieve the following outcomes:
• Help building materials staff attains the above-mentioned skills in a structured way irrespective of their background.
• To position the building retail staff to up-sell their products.
• Instil passion for building retail industry amongst staff.
• Open growth opportunities within the building retail industry for staff.
• For Building Materials Retailers to have access to passionate, skilled and trained staff in the building retail industry.

Our course is targeted at:
1. Entry level building retail industry staff.
2. Up-skilling existing building retail industry staff.

Our future courses will be targeted at:
1. Supervisory level staff in the building retail industry.
2. Manager level staff in the building retail industry.
3. Store Branch Managers in the building retail industry.
4. Store Branch administrative staff.
5. Support services in the building retail industry, e.g. Drivers.


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